Srikanth Reddy, MSReddy
Srikanth Reddy

Hi, I’m Srikanth Reddy

I’ve been Affiliate Marketing since 2015. In 2015, I left my full time job(Started in 2007) to be a full time Affiliate Marketing earning 6-figures a year ever since promoting other peoples products(Software Lifetime Deals, OTO’s & Discounts & Affiliate Marketing) with

My Website:

Today, I spend most of my time, sharing my experiences and strategies helping others do what I do on

How I Market(Promote) a Product:

I take pride in my email list and customers. I will only promote products if they fit my customers and the products are high quality. If I get numerous customers telling me they never get support from the vendor, then I will reconsider promoting their products.

  • I have a high quality Email list of both subscribers and buyers
  • I used Introductory Exclusive previews & offers
  • I create product review and post on my & Blog posts
  • I shared Relevant Deals in  FB groups, Quora, Reddit, Instagram & Pinterest
  • I run a Social Media Ads
  • I used Contests and giveaways

If the product is high quality, has good customer support and fits my list well, I may also add it to the descriptions of all my and the footer of all my emails I send out.